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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Don’t buy that new or used car! (yet)

Don’t buy a new or used car without at least calling your car guys.
We’re car guys, we know cars…and we care about you. (I know it seems odd that someone in the auto industry could be a good person, but we’re different.)
One way we’re different is that you can call us and ask our opinion on most anything. You can (and should) ask what we see in the repair business – including whether or not the owners of a particular brand or style of vehicle have been happy with them.
Another way we’re different is that we perform pre-purchase vehicle inspections. If you are thinking about buying a pre-owned (used) car, call us and we’ll hand pick one of our used car inspections to fit your needs for this potential purchase. Based on year, make, model, miles and who you’re buying it from we’ll help you select a series of steps for your technician to do the detective work and see what appears to be the life story of this car. Was it a submarine in a former life? Did the owner neglect it? Is the seller hiding something? Is it the creampuff the seller claims it is?
We don’t own a crystal ball, but we’re “darn good” at helping you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy this car and what (beyond car payments) to budget for in the foreseeable future.
Once we know more about that car, we can advise you to run away from that car if it’s a bad purchase, ask them to fix something before you buy it, reduce the price since “it needs this or that”, or simply have a little peace of mind, since it is a big purchase.
Most of the time, the ammunition we give you lowers the price enough to make the research we do in that potential purchase – virtually free.

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