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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How do I find you guys?

All roads lead to 25th Street!
Lots of people just want to know how to “find auto repair near me”. Or better yet, “honest auto repair…”
We’re centrally located in Phoenix, but some people come from the east valley, west valley or north valley. Some choose us because they’ve found out the hard way that not everyone in the auto industry is trustworthy. Some come to us because they work nearby in the Biltmore, Esplanade or Camelback Corridor area and we offer prompt, personal rides to and from work.
Whatever leads you to choose us – our shop is easy to find: From the north valley take SR51 south to the Indian School exit left (east). One block past 24th street, you’ll find the Taco Bell on your left, that’s 25th Street.
From the Biltmore / Camelback Corridor area you may wish to take 24th Street to the local Parish: St Thomas the Apostle (Campbell Ave) and turn left (east) one block to 25th St. and head south – you’ll find us before you get to Indian School.
From the west valley take the I-10 east to the 51 northbound. Exit Indian School Rd right (east) and look for that Taco Bell and get ready to turn left at 25th St.
From the east valley take the I-10 (or the 202 loop) to the 51 northbound. Exit Indian School Rd right (east) and look for that Taco Bell and turn on your turn signal for a left turn at 25th St.
Once you’ve found 25th Street your car is just feet away from safety!

Monday, March 7, 2016

What’s up with car repair cost?

Why do car repairs cost so much?

Boy, we all feel that pain! There are of course a lot of factors in the car care equation, but what comes immediately to mind is a recent clutch repair.
In order to get to the clutch, we had to remove the steering. There were hours of car parts removal before we could even see the clutch pressure plate, so that we could remove that for access to the clutch friction disc and flywheel.
Cars are engineered to do (and be) more things than ever before. Even things like engine mounts, once used simply to hold the engine in place, are not pat of the engineering for the crash-worthiness of the front end structure of your car.
Cars nowadays have to be built to be lightweight, fuel efficient and emit low emissions…and still have room for everything from power steering to GPS and Wi-Fi. All that “stuff” complicates the maintenance and repair of your car, truck, van or SUV and contributes to the car repair cost.
Add to all that, the (rising) cost of technician training, tools, technology, insurance, etc. and we just can’t patch up cars for the kind of prices we once did.
Don’t shoot me, I’m only the service provider…and I’m proud to serve you.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Don’t buy that new or used car! (yet)

Don’t buy a new or used car without at least calling your car guys.
We’re car guys, we know cars…and we care about you. (I know it seems odd that someone in the auto industry could be a good person, but we’re different.)
One way we’re different is that you can call us and ask our opinion on most anything. You can (and should) ask what we see in the repair business – including whether or not the owners of a particular brand or style of vehicle have been happy with them.
Another way we’re different is that we perform pre-purchase vehicle inspections. If you are thinking about buying a pre-owned (used) car, call us and we’ll hand pick one of our used car inspections to fit your needs for this potential purchase. Based on year, make, model, miles and who you’re buying it from we’ll help you select a series of steps for your technician to do the detective work and see what appears to be the life story of this car. Was it a submarine in a former life? Did the owner neglect it? Is the seller hiding something? Is it the creampuff the seller claims it is?
We don’t own a crystal ball, but we’re “darn good” at helping you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy this car and what (beyond car payments) to budget for in the foreseeable future.
Once we know more about that car, we can advise you to run away from that car if it’s a bad purchase, ask them to fix something before you buy it, reduce the price since “it needs this or that”, or simply have a little peace of mind, since it is a big purchase.
Most of the time, the ammunition we give you lowers the price enough to make the research we do in that potential purchase – virtually free.

25th Street Automotive in Phoenix

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